Forté Composite Doors

Introducing Kent and Sussex householders to a brand-new composite door collection called Forté, a fresh and exciting take on a traditional composite door design.
Feel confident in Forté’s well-roundedness

Come delve into the world of Forté composite doors and profit from front and rear door solutions that effortlessly amalgamate style, functionality, and thermal efficiency. Enjoy almost endless possibilities, with a wealth of colour and glazing options across the various selections, at a reasonable and competitive cost. Forté is rapidly emerging as the must-have door for Kent and Sussex homes.

Highly energy-efficient home solutions, Forté composite doors preserve more units of warmth inside homes than most doors, treating you to cosier interiors and cheaper fuel costs thanks to reduced energy consumption. Built from materials including wood, UPVC, and insulating foam, it’s no wonder Forté has such supreme resilience.

Forte Composite Doors
The Core

The Forté composite door is crafted to deliver outstanding thermal efficiency, featuring a core filled with PU foam. This innovative design provides excellent insulation, making it highly energy-efficient. Reinforced with a durable Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) subframe, the door boasts superior strength and long-lasting durability. Engineered specifically for the UK market, the Forté composite door seamlessly blends exceptional thermal performance with remarkable structural robustness.

Monza II Square Sunshine Space Designer Forte Door